MacBook Air 11"

The MacBook Air 11" is a fairly small, portable notebook. It can be clearly identified by the imprint "A1370" or "A1465" on the bottom. No longer readable? If your MacBook Air has a case width of 30 cm, it's the 11" model. You have to differentiate between the A1370 models from 2010 and 2011 - both with the old MagSafe connector, which is a little thicker than the newer MagSafe2 connector that was used in the A1465 models from 2012. On the A1465 model you have to distinguish again: Is it the one from mid 2012 or the one from 2013? Here you only have to look at the left side with the MagSafe and USB connectors: If there are two small holes for the microphone here, you have an A1465 from 2013, 2014 or 2015, with these all components are compatible.

This is a MacBook Air 11":

MacBook Air 11"
MacBook Air 11"
MacBook Air 11" width
MacBook Air 11"


The 2010 model is easy to identify, it has no further function on the function key F5, as it has no keyboard illumination. All other models have the functions for the brightness of the keyboard illumination on the F5 and F6 keys.
The distinction between the 2011 model and the following models can be made via the MagSafe connector: If MacBook Air has a backlit keyboard and the older, thicker MagSafe connector, it's the 2011 A1370. The thinner MagSafe2 connector means the model is an A1465.

Function-Keys MacBook Air 2010
Function-keys of a A1370 2010
Function-keys MacBook Air 2011 to 2015
Function-keys from 2011 and later
MagSafe connectors
Upper: MagSafe (old) = A1370
Lower: MagSafe2 starting from 2012 = A1465


Now we still have to distinguish: If you have an A1465 from 2012 or one from 2013, 2014 or 2015. The 2012 model has a lot of small circular holes on the left side as microphone opening, the models from 2013 have two single holes. The models from 2013 on are 100% compatible with each other.

microphone 2012
Microphone of a 2012er Air
Microphone 2013
Microphone of an Air from 2013

Once again, the following models can be distinguished:

A1370 2010: Function key F5 without additional function = no background lighting of the keyboard
A1370 2011: Keyboard with backlight but MagSafe (old) Connection
A1465 2012: MagSafe2 connector and microphone with many small circular holes
A1465 2013/2014/2015: Two single holes on the left side for microphone connection