MacBook Air

The MacBook Air series has gained great popularity since its release in 2008. The presentation of the first MacBook Air at Macworld in San Francisco in 2008, when Steve Jobs pulled the Air out of an envelope, is legendary...
The MacBook Air is distinguished by its particularly low weight and especially flat design - with a long battery life at the same time. The keyboard - even on the 11-inch model - has normal key sizes, so it's a full-sized keyboard.
The TrackPad of the MacBook Air was the first Apple notebook to enable multi-touch gestures. Today quite normal, at that time a special feature.
The MacBook Air range began in 2008 with the "forefather" of the 13-inch Air (models A1237 and A1304), was significantly improved in 2010 and supplemented by an extremely handy 11-inch model (A1370 and A1369), and continued from 2012 with the A1465 and A1466 model range until 2017, with the 2012 models technically compatible only with themselves, while the models from 2013 to 2017 were largely identical and compatible with each other.
In 2018 came a new, improved model with Retina display (A1932) and finally in 2020 the MacBook Air as one of the first MacBook models with the completely new ARM technology and the M1 chip.

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