MacBook Pro 13" unibody

In mid 2009 Apple introduced the 13" unibody MacBook Pro, the successor of the very similar looking but internally very different MacBook Alu 2008. Interestingly (and somehow hard to explain) both models had the same model number A1278, despite the significant differences. The MacBook Alu 2008 had a two-piece base plate with a directly accessible battery, while the Mid 2009 MacBook Pro 13" had a one-piece base plate and a battery that was "recommended" to be replaced only by authorized dealers. The 13" unibody MacBook Pro series was continued until mid 2012, several components were compatible with each other, such as the MagSafe module, the battery, the keyboard (but not the TopCase!), the microphone or the battery indicator module. There were also many inconspicuous but striking differences: The display of the Mid 2012 model was completely identical to the 2011 model, but the connector to the mainboard was slightly modified so that only a Mid 2012 display could be used for a Mid 2012 model. Interestingly enough, the connector of the Mid 2012 model fits on the 2011 models.
While the displays of the previous MacBook Pro models could be disassembled into individual parts and thus be replaced quite easily, this was made considerably more difficult on the models from 2009 to 2012: The glass plate in front of the panel was glued flat on the sides, making opening the display a rather laborious matter.