MacBook Pro 15" Non-unibody

The non-unibody series replaced the PowerBooks in 2006. These were the first notebooks from Apple with CoreDuo (first series A1150) and later Core2Duo CPU, a departure from the G3/G4 CPUs as the G5 would probably have been unsuitable for notebooks (heat development). The A1226 and A1260 series (which were compatible with each other in many parts) were also the first Apple notebooks to use LED backlighting for the display - which resulted in a much brighter, more evenly illuminated image.
Unfortunately there was a typical problem with the graphics hardware in the complete series: Especially the NVidia chips of the A1226/A1260 series had contact problems, which led to the failure of the mainboard. In rows the devices could not be woken up after hibernation, showed picture artifacts or did not start at all. Apple had set up a repair program for this.
Interestingly, the right fans of these models are more prone to defects than the left ones.
The batteries had a rather short life span, after about 300 charge cycles, the battery life was over - interesting in that the parallel existing MacBook A1181 batteries were designed for 1000 charge cycles.