MacBook A1181

The MacBook series replaced the iBooks in 2006. It started with the white MacBook models A1181, some of which were also available in black. In the first series CoreDuo CPUs were still used, the later models already used the Core2Duo processor. The MacBooks only had OnBoard graphics capabilities without a dedicated graphics chip.

Typical defects with the A1181 series are:
- The plastic of the TopCase often broke out at the edges, there was also a free repair program from Apple for years.
- The backlight of the display could fail, the typical reasons for this were often only defective inverter cables. These small black cables ran through the left hinge and were susceptible to cable breaks. The inverter cable can often be identified as a source of error: If the function of the backlight depends on the position of the display or if the wobbeling the cable (when the Macbook is open) triggers the error, the inverter cable is the cause. But it could actually be the light source in the display that caused the error, then only an exchange of the display panel or the complete display helps. Sometimes the corresponding component on the logic board or the display inverter was the cause for the failure of the backlight.

How to find out which of the seven models you have?Remove the battery and have alook at the grey label that is inside the MacBook. There is a EMC number noted, you can find that number here in the model title. No label or the keyboard was exchanged, so you are not sure? Ask us, we will try to help.