MacBook Retina

Apple introduced an ultra-light and compact MacBook at the beginning of 2015 - 5 years after the last white MacBook A1342. Weighing less than 1kg, 12" Retina display, new (not quite optimal because quite vulnerable) keyboard technology and not designed for high speed (Core M processor in the first model series) but for maximum portability. Important feature (whose meaning will never become completely clear to me....): There are different colors.... Unfortunately, this now makes spare parts stock difficult, since there are four different displays of different colors for a single model. So there's also room for creativity with new color combinations! Rose gold keyboard to the space gray display, for example.

Big weak point (but Apple bravely continues this): The repair becomes more and more complicated by gluing and using unusual types of screws. RAM and SSD are also permanently integrated, so they cannot be replaced. And: The device only has one USB-C port (a novelty for Apple anyway) that is responsible for everything: charging, display port, mass storage/USB sticks. Simultaneous charging and USB stick? No. Needs an adapter. But well, the device is not designed for that.

Still: Nice parts, but you have to hold one in your hands to assess the portability.

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