MacBook unibody A1342

The MacBook A1342 was introduced in 2009, a small update was released in 2010 with only marginal changes to the CPU. All parts of the two models are compatible to each other. The A1342 model was distinguished by its rounded shape, the polycarbonate case (which was praised as extremely resistant - but over time it became clear that this was absolutely not the case...) and the rubberised base plate left a rather pleasant warm haptic impression. In itself a very pleasing, robust MacBook with Core2Duo CPU and everything else you need. But it was e.g. quite susceptible to fluid damage: Even small amounts of fluid on the keyboard often led to keyboard failures, and often the power button didn't work anymore after a while.
Other typical faults: The polycarbonate case, advertised as robust, was quite prone to scratches, the display lid got slightly larger cracks in the hinge area, the rubber coating of the base plate came off after some time. This was so massive that a special repair program was launched by Apple for several years. In case of liquid damage, not only the keyboard was at risk: Sometimes also the backlight fuse of the Logicboard was affected, so that the display had no backlight and simply remained dark.