Cinema Display 24" A1267

The 24-inch Cinema Display was released in 2008 and was modeled after the design of the iMac 24. Because of its size and design, the Cinema Display was the perfect companion as a second display to an iMac. With its ability to charge a connected MacBook and loop through USB ports, it was also the perfect docking station for MacBooks. The Cinema Display 24" A1267 was in production until mid-2010, but it's still very popular today.

Typical error patterns with the A1267 CinemaDisplay 24" are
- Very rarely the USB-HUB function will not work anymore. The reason for this can be the All-In-One cable (loose contact), but mostly the logic board.
- A loose contact of the mini display port connector on the All-In-One cable causes the picture to drop out again and again. This is indicated by the fact that the picture will drop out for a short time if the MacBook is moved or the cable/plug is loose. Replacing the all-in-one cable is the only way to solve this problem.
- If the image flashes only briefly when the display is started, but then remains dark or a "ghost image" is visible in the background, e.g. if you shine a flashlight on the panel, the backlight of the panel is usually defective. The USB function and the WebCam will still work then.
- Strange noises like a "beeping" or "knocking" indicate a defective power supply.
- If the display is neither recognized by the connected computer nor the USB ports or the WebCam are working, the power supply is usually the cause.
- If USB/WebCam work but nothing is visible on the display, the logicboard may be the cause. Mostly a small component burns out. If you open the display and take a look at the logicboard, you will see the following typical problem:

(Image 1)

(Image 2)