Cinema Display HD 30" A1083 2004

Cinema Display HD 30" 2004
Modell: A1083
EMC: 2011
Ordernumber: M9179LL/A

The really huge Cinema Display HD 30" with its resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels was a speciality when it appeared in 2004. It could and can only be operated at full resolution on selected Macs: due to its size alone, the display is aimed at professional users. The graphics card used must support DualLink DVI, e.g. the PowerMac G5 with GeForce 6800 Ultra. However, with the help of an Apple Dual Link adapter A1306 (mini DP / TB connector), the display can also be operated on current devices, e.g. MacMinis from 2012, MacBook Air from 2015, etc.
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